How to Get Food in Coin Master & How to Use it

Food is necessary resource in Coin Master because it keeps the most important issue within the game, your pet, happy. Here’s a way to get food in Coin Master and the way to use it.

Your pets aren’t just awesome as a result of they’re cute and adorable — they also offer to you, the player, some extremely awing perks before and once raids. a lot of predator-like pets like the Tiger can yield to you a lot of coins after you attack AN enemy village whereas different pets, just like the rhino, are a lot of defensive in this they will block incoming attacks for you.

Your pets will solely do these types of things, though, once they’re awake and energized. rather like real pets, Coin Master pets get tired and need sleep.

During these moments, you won’t be ready to use your pets and that’s not good, particularly if it’s time for a raid. this is often where food comes in.

Food, or snacks and pet treats (as they’re referred to as within the game), is given to your pet to re-energize it and obtain it back aware of fighting form.

How to Get Food in Coin Master

There are two main ways that to induce food in Coin Master and if you’ve learned the ropes of this game, you doubtless already grasp what these 2 main ways that are. like nearly everything else tired Coin Master, you’ve got to either pay some real cash or create some spins.

If you’ve got some spins, use them and there’s an opportunity you’ll earn some food via the game’s slot machines. Food isn’t uncommon therefore it shouldn’t take long to accumulate enough food to feed your pet.

If you’re inmate, have cash to pay or are dwelling in-game with a combination of each, head to the game’s store. There, you’ll pay real-life cash on in-game things like extra spins and food.

How to Use it

To use the food, merely choose your pet and so choose the feed choice. this may permit you to feed your pet some snacks and as a result, you must see the pet rise and prepared for yet one more Coin Master raid.

That tells you everything you would like to know regarding a way to get and use food in Coin Master.

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