5 Problems That Are Ruining The Coin Master Experience

Coin Master is a fun game, one of those games that despite having time available for mobiles still has thousands of players willing to have a good time in the game. In fact, recently we explained the odd trick for Coin Master that allowed you to be better in the game. Despite all this, for a while now users are reporting many problems in the game.

Coin Master is no longer as fun as when it was released and mistakes begin to pile up. The 5 problems that are ruining the gaming experience in Coin Master. You should know them and go through the comments of the application on Google Play, you will notice that those who report these failures are not few.

Ads are excessive

One of Coin Master’s biggest problems is its ads to get coin master free spins link 2019, currently playing Coin Master means swallowing hundreds and hundreds of ads in a single day. The experience has been completely clouded by the ads and the truth is that there are few users who do not complain about them. You will see that consuming ads seems to be the sole purpose of the game beyond having fun.

coin master problems

The ads are necessary for developers to earn some money for their creations but at this level they have become annoying and very complicated to digest after several days of play. Many companies have ads in their titles but at this point it is no longer pleasant for Coin Master players.

There comes a point that it is impossible to grow without paying

Linked to the ads, because the more you see the faster you will grow, the micro payments are. At the highest levels it is almost impossible to grow without paying. In fact, it is very common to be robbed despite paying attention to the game at all times. There are users who believe that, without paying, it is impossible to get ahead at certain levels and as regular players we can confirm that this is completely true.

Sometimes events fail

Another of the problems of the game is that the errors in the code of the same one are also more and more habitual. In fact, many users complain that in certain events attacks do not count well and that makes it impossible to reach the objectives that the game sets you to give you bonuses and rewards. We know that these “failures” are not common for all players but when it happens it is a real annoyance and very uncomfortable. If the developers realize they can give you a bonus for free, but that is not enough.

Bots and hackers are on the rise

We question this, but more and more users are saying that their account is looted and stolen by bots of the developers themselves or by hackers who also use their special skills to take advantage over other players. Coin Master is a game in which hackers should not be interested but yes, there are also and the truth is that they are working hard to get you crazy and ruin your game.

It has more and more failures and stands still

And finally, but not the last one (in reality), another problem that lurks more and more in Coin Master. The game, as time passes, fails more and more and the truth is that it should be the opposite. When a game progresses in its development, it should weigh less and less and give less mistakes but it is not the case of this title that as it grows has more failures.

Are you also playing Coin Master and are you really tired of all this happening? If so, leave us a comment so we can know how serious the problem is or encourage you to comment on your adventures in the game if what happens to you is completely different from what we mentioned. Here are some games for this summer that have no advertising.

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